Beauty of hiking

This is a really nice hike we've done three times already. It's not too strenuous and it offers great views of farming villages on one side and the great Sacheon Bridge on the other. The best part about this hike is the gimbap by the bus terminal we always eat before setting out. Gimbap is just about the greatest invention when it comes to fast food. It's healthy, it's cheap ($1.5), and it's delicious. It looks just like sushi rolls, only it doesn't have fish in it, but it has eggs, ham, crab meat, cucumber, all rolled into rice and seaweed. If McDonald's could somehow substitute burgers with those rolls, obesity would be a thing of the past.

Speaking of hiking, I would like to let everybody know about my crowning achievement. I can now order a taxi on the phone... Only took 9 months. All I have to do is dial the number, regardless of what the lady on the other end has to say, I say loud and clear:

Hello! I'm King of the world.

The lady then mutters something and I say huh-huh and then I hang up. Usually there is a cab waiting for us within 5 minutes, so I know I've been understood. I feel very proud about this, because for the longest time, we had to pretty much hike to a big street and hail a cab on there, but sometimes we'd have to wait a long time. Not anymore... I know there are only 5 weeks left, but nonetheless, it is a feat.

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